River Table Gallery

Dimensions: 101” x 45”

Custom Three Region River
Table with Hand Swirled Charcoal Grey River

18” Equivalent River

Special Order Spalted Maple Slabs
Z-Shaped Dining Legs





Dimensions: 48” x 29”

Custom Two Region River Table
with Aqua Swirled Riverbed
Transparent Fill and
Embedded Objects

Equivalent 12” River

Embedded Marbled Grey Rocks
Z-Shaped Coffee Table Legs


Expect Amazing

From Galaxies afar and our most heartfelt memories – no inspiration is ever out of reach







From a Galaxy Far Far Away . . .


Dimensions: 84” x 45”

Custom Traditional River Table
with Nebula Riverbed, Transparent Fill and
Embedded Objects

Average 8” River

Custom Laser Engraving
Custom Built Star Wars Models
Embedded River Rocks
Crest Shaped Dining Legs









Dimensions: 90” x 38” 

Custom 2 Region River Table
Emerald Green Riverbed,

Transparent Aqua Fill 
Embedded Marbled Grey Rocks

Custom Two Epoxy Region

Embedded Marbled Grey Rocks
Diamond Dining Table Legs






Dimensions: 74” x 40”

Custom Three Region Royal Blue
Hand Swirled Riverbed with
Transparent Fill and Embedded Objects

Special Order Cedar Slabs
Custom Slab Shaping
Medium Stain Upgrade
Embedded Sea Shells and Imitation Moss
Poly-X Hard Wax Finish
Z-Shaped Dining Legs


Memories from this happy couple’s honeymoon now join them for every family meal.


Always Custom 

Designed specifically for your space, your room





Dimensions: 72” x 36″

Traditional River Dining Table
Hand Swirled Royal Blue

14″ Equivalent River Custom Slab Shaping
Dark Stain Upgrade

Z-Shaped Dining Legs

In partnership with Trustic.ca;
This showpiece now stands in the spotlight at The New Horizon Mall










Dimensions: 55” x 20”

Traditional River Table
with Maple Red Riverbed
Transparent Pink Fill
and Embedded Rocks

Average of 8” River

Embedded Medium Decorative White Rocks
A-Shaped Desk Legs






Dimensions: 84” x 44”

Custom 2 Region River Table
with Hand Swirled Charcoal Grey River

18″ Equivalent River

Medium Stain Upgrade
Trestle Shaped Dining Legs